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Caltrans Gleason Beach Roadway Realignment Project

Public Outreach

Ongoing community outreach and partnering agency coordination has been an essential part of the Gleason Beach Roadway Realignment Project at every stage of the project beginning with the EIR scoping meeting in 2014 held to identify environmental constraints through to the SR 1 Sonoma Coast Emergency Repair Town Hall meetings held in Spring/Summer 2019 to keep the community informed about multiple, ongoing roadway repairs critical to keeping the roadway operational.

Based on proactive dialogue with the community, Caltrans has continued to refine the project design to minimize environmental impacts that will keep the roadway operational for decades and to incorporate public access and design elements that will provide community benefits (for Changes Since the EIR click here).

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An overview of community outreach to-date is included below.

Community Outreach and Meetings Timeline

Community meetings were held March 2014, July 2015, April 2016, February 2017, November 2017, April 2018, May 2019, and July 2019. Project newsletters were issued Spring 2016, Winter 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, and Summer/Fall 2018.

Community Outreach and Meetings

  • A project scoping meeting was held in Bodega Bay to provide project information and to receive comments from the community regarding the proposed project. Key comments received during and after the project scoping include the following*:

    • Visual Impacts of the project.
    • Access to houses on Old Highway 1, and issue of public parking.
    • Consideration of a shorter bridge design.

    *A complete overview of community meetings is included in the SR 1 Gleason Beach Roadway Final EIR/EA.

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