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Caltrans Gleason Beach Roadway Realignment Project

Project Overview

Caltrans proposes to realign a section of State Route (SR) 1 near Gleason Beach in Sonoma County (see INSET) to maintain SR 1, which is the only road connecting the communities of Bodega Bay and Jenner. The Project would provide a long-term, sustainable solution, protect State Route 1 from coastal erosion and maintain long-term local and regional connectivity for surrounding communities.

Mouse over the image below to see a visualization of the projected coastal erosion by the year 2100.

Coastal erosion visualization before.

Photo of coastal erosion.Purpose and Need

The stability of this section of SR 1 is threatened by coastal bluff erosion. Efforts to preserve the roadway in place are only temporarily effective. No stabilization measures, including piles, can stave off erosive effects along the coastline.

Project Description

The Gleason Beach Realignment Project would construct an approximately 3,700-foot, two-lane roadway and 850-foot long bridge span over Scotty Creek. The two-lane roadway and bridge span would be 49 feet wide including 6- to 8-foot shoulders and a 6-foot sidewalk in the southbound direction to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian access. The existing box culvert and grade-separation structure at Scotty Creek would be removed.

The project also includes three separate access roads to existing Highway 1, as well as public improvements.

As the long-term solution, the Gleason Beach Roadway Realignment Project PROVIDES a long-term, sustainable solution, PROTECTS State Route 1 from coastal erosion and MAINTAINS long-term local and regional connectivity for surrounding communities.

Proposed alternative visualization after.

Map depicting footprint of the final alternative for the project area.

Design Considerations

  • Flood Elevation – Ocean Flooding (EL 30 ft+) and Creek Watershed (EL 26 ft+)
  • Creek Hydrology
  • Coastal Erosion and Bluff Retreat – need a long-term solution
  • Ranch Access – truck and emergency vehicle accessible driveway
  • Existing Topography – Scotty Creek is a low point between coastal bluffs
  • Environmental Footprint Minimization – minimize land disturbance
  • Access for Pedestrians and Bikes – provide long-term solution
  • Views to Ocean from Historic Farm, and from Beach to Hills

Environmental Constraints: Land & Habitats

Map depicting wetlands and environmental concerns in the project area.

Project Location

Map of project location.

Project Schedule

Project Schedule. Project Initiation, Pre-2014. Preliminary Design, Pre-2014 to 2016. Defined Engineering and Environmental Constraints, 2007. Developed Environmental Document/Project Alternatives, 2015 to 2017. Select and Develop Final Design, 2016 to late 2019. Bid Completed Design/Project Construction, late 2019 to 2023.

Project History