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Caltrans Gleason Beach Roadway Realignment Project

Traffic Advisory

Public Access Restrictions to the Scotty Creek Beach Along Sonoma Mid-Coast as Caltrans Makes Environmental Improvements

Restrictions to vehicles and pedestrians from June 15 – August 27 will facilitate improvements to local creek ecosystem and California Coastal Trail

Sonoma County – In March 2023, Caltrans shifted Highway 1 traffic at Gleason Beach onto the new alignment that veered inland, away from the rapidly eroding coastal bluffs, construction entered a different phase of the Gleason Beach Highway 1 Realignment Project. This summer, Caltrans is concentrating on environmental improvements, mostly near the mouth of Scotty Creek, which will require closure or limited vehicle and pedestrian access to the beach.

The improvements, which include demolishing the culvert that crosses Scotty Creek, relocating a major waterline, and clearing the way for the initial alignment of the California Coastal Trail, will involve significant earth work, requiring Caltrans to close or restrict access to the Beach at Scotty Creek between Wednesday, June 15 – Sunday, August 27.

Restrictions fall into three stages. (See Diagram below) Residents who live on old Highway 1 will always have access to their homes.

Graphic showing road closers during phases of construction

June 15 – 27
Pedestrian and vehicular access will be prohibited as Caltrans diverts Scotty Creek through the active construction area and replaces a major waterline along old Highway 1. Following this summer’s construction, Scotty Creek flow naturally to the ocean and allowing fish to migrate upstream to spawn.

June 28 – August 6
Pedestrians will have access to the Beach at Scotty Creek. Most of old Highway 1 remain closed, but some parking will become available on the old highway south of the beach. Caltrans will continue with culvert demolition and make ecological enhancements to the new creek bed.

August 7 – August 25
Pedestrian access is allowed. Parking is still available south of the beach and on one access road north of the new bridge.

Known for its beauty and easy access, the Beach at Scotty Creek is one of the most popular beaches in the area. Caltrans appreciates the patience and cooperation of the public, ultimately allowing Caltrans to make environmental improvements to the site. When finished, the Beach at Scotty Creek will be an even better place to visit.

Updated 6/19/2023

Gleason Beach Roadway Realignment Project

Gleason Beach lies along the Sonoma coastline, midway between the community of Bodega Bay and the Russian River, where State Route or Highway 1 travels along the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Coastal erosion resulting from factors such as wave action, sea level rise, surface water runoff from surrounding land uses, and groundwater intrusion have contributed to rapid bluff erosion over the last few decades. Caltrans has been conducting emergency repairs along this stretch of Highway 1 since the early 2000s, with the most recent emergency repair work conducted in the winter of 2019.

To keep State Route 1 open and operating in a safe manner, Caltrans is realigning a half-mile stretch of Highway 1 up to 400 feet east of the current alignment.

The project includes many benefits to the region, including a new 850-foot-long bridge that will include a separated pedestrian sidewalk over the Scotty Creek floodplain. The current highway will be repurposed to become a portion of the California Coastal Trail, and parking spaces will be provided to maintain and improve public access to the beach. Additionally, the existing culvert over Scotty Creek will be removed. The culvert currently poses a barrier to the migration of state and federally listed anadromous salmon and steelhead. Scotty Creek will be daylighted at the mouth of the creek and restoration efforts will be conducted to improve the riparian habitat along Scotty Creek. The Gleason Beach Project will contribute to maintaining a safe and resilient Highway 1 for future generations.

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Gleason Beach Groundbreaking

Caltrans began construction of the $26 million, three-year Gleason Beach Roadway Realignment Project in August 2021.
The project involves realigning the highway to the east, building a bridge to span Scotty Creek and associated floodplain and wetlands, repurposing the existing Highway 1, and removing the -box culvert at Scotty Creek.
Caltrans District 4 will update this page throughout construction and share photos of the progress.

Currently, Caltrans is targeting to accomplish the following in the following month/year:
(All dates are tentative and subject to change due to weather, contractor progress, environmental permit requirements, and various other factors)

  • Complete bridge construction – October 2022
  • Install temporary signal system – January 2023
  • Switch traffic to new alignment, and remove temporary signal system – August 2023
  • Remove existing Scotty Creek culvert – September 2023
  • Complete construction – December 2023
Updated 5/4/2022


Construction Photos

Updated 9/12/2022

November 2021

March 2022

April 2022

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